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These Kitchen Accessories Will Give Your Kitchen the Caribbean Vibe You Are Looking For

While you might have a vision board of your dream kitchen prancing through your mind or several images pinned to your Pinterest board, – conducting a full-scale kitchen overhaul might not be high on the priority list right now.

But that does not mean all hope is lost.

If you are daydreaming of a tropical oasis or a little “Jerk Hut” type of vibe here are a few accessory suggestions, you can add to your space now – no revamping necessary.

Refresh Your Kitchen Sink Space

The hub of any kitchen space is the sink area. After all, it is where your energy and time go whilst you try to scrub off the grease from your pans.

Introduce a pop color or change the style of your kitchen tap. You might also want to switch out the gritty dark-brown soap with a medicinal soft hand wash that will save you from cracked and chapped hands.

Try New Fun Handcrafted Kitchen Boards

Adding some fun, Caribbean-themed oddities from your local vintage shop can help make your traditionally styled scullery feel more like home.

A few old jars on your windowsills or tropical jadeite pieces carefully clustered behind glass cabinet doors can give your kitchen space that personalized look and quirky feeling that makes it stand out.

You can also invest in some hand-crafted kitchen boards like the KAS Creators Cutting Board to add to the rustic vibe. It will not only boost your Caribbean vibe but serve as the perfect way to present the thick cultured steak and cheese flavors during your next brunch party.

A KAS Decorative Fruit Bowl will also look beautiful placed against your backsplash or on top of your marble countertops. Plus, it is hard to get bored of fruit, so you can move the bowl around and fill it up depending on the season.

Go Nuts with A Statement Rug

It’s not a secret: kitchens can be messy. However, kitchen floors often have bland, unsightly, or outdated tiles. So, why not liven them up with a pretty floor mat?

The trick is not to go for the traditional, ‘kitchen-y’ looks – try experimenting with some splash of color, or some Nourison Caribbean and abstract rug designs like the ones from RugIt and Tings.

If you’re mostly concerned about clean-up, invest in an indoor-outdoor design that’s durable and perfect for hosing down if need be.

Hang Art

Who says you can’t hang art in your kitchen? It’s certainly unconventional, but at the same time, a novel decorating, which will give life to your kitchen space.

It can be a set of your favorite cookbooks, a retro-style art piece, or a blown-up vintage family portrait. A couple of framed prints or the Art by Shani -876 Jewel Set resin coasters that can also be used as wall decor, can also bring a tasteful Caribbean touch.

The secret to choosing the right piece for your kitchen is making sure the piece is neither too small nor too large.

You want to avoid is having one tiny picture looking desolate on your walls. Instead, add a generously sized portrait or a set of creatively arranged art pieces.

Practical But Pretty Items to Add Character

A kitchen is more than a space where your culinary juices are harnessed. It’s an impromptu dance floor, the ideal space for deep conversations with your friends, and a family gathering spot.

So, try adding some pretty but functional accessories that bring a little charm and personality to your space.

Why leave your napkins lying on the countertops when you can have them in a sleek SN Kraft Napkin Holder & Coaster Set? As for the salt and sugar sachets, a simple vintage-inspired set might be the way to go.

The SN Kraft Banana Leaf Board will also serve as a great addition to your art collection and has a way of bringing the tropical islands right into your kitchen space.

Be it, utensil holders, serving trays, or coffee mugs, store away the boring basics and invest in pieces that will uplift your mood as you cook, sip, and snack in your favorite space.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Plants

Adding some greenery breathes new life into your kitchen design scheme. And it’s one of the simplest ways to revamp your kitchen and give it the Caribbean vibe you’ve been looking for.

In any case, all fresh produce comes from the ground, so why not pay homage by filling your kitchen space with some fresh herbs, Native Orchids, or exotic succulents?

Just be sure to choose species that match the level of light in your space and the amount of attention you’re willing to give them. You don’t want to be a terrible plant mom/dad.

Alternatively, you can order some Peace Lilies or Begonias and display them on the counter for a pop of color. Your kitchen will thank you!

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