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The Ultimate Style Guide for the Woman Obsessed with Jamaica

A guide to give your wardrobe a Caribbean upgrade.

If you’re obsessed with the tropical islands, then Jamaica might be one of your dream destinations. From the food, interesting sites, the language, this breathtaking country serves up as one of the best places to visit and even reside.

It is also one of the most influential fashion-forward countries in the world, with its styles descending from the Jamaican music culture to the classic bohemian pieces, this island offers up nothing but excellence.

If you’re obsessed with fashion and want to pull together some Jamaican staple pieces, here’s a guide to give your wardrobe a Caribbean upgrade and help you recreate an island girl’s closet no matter where you are.

The Summer Island Dress

While this Crochet Leafy Dress from Crochet Castel does not scream versatile, we believe it’s crucial to a complete your collection. There is just something about a handcrafted crochet outfit that just amps up any wardrobe.

You can wear it with a sleek pair of sandals at the beach, or throw on some strappy heels for a killer ‘by-the-beach’ happy hour look.

Bombshell Swimwear

Out with the boring and tacky swimwear, and in with this flattering Krishtun Skirt Set that will have you turning heads at the beach. It’s perfect for Jamaican vacay beachwear and also helps give you an aura of confidence.

If you need some quality accessories for your swim attire add a few pieces from Chrissy’s Coils. Every piece is made with care and passion and there is plenty to choose from.

A Quality Bag

The bag you carry says a lot about you – and it’s one item in your closet that you should spend some extra bucks on. In any case, women lug around the same bag 80% of the time, so you need one that stylish, versatile, and perfect for daily use.

Therefore, if you’re not into a classic tote bag, then this sleek Pretty Lil Bagz 876 Collection Yardie Crossbody is the ideal option for no-hands convenience and some serious Jamaican roots style.

A Statement Piece

No closet is complete without a killer statement piece that completes your outfit and takes a plain look from bland, all the way to stellar.

Therefore, it pays to have some accessories in your closet that stand out from the rest of your look.

For instance, these colorful Brown Brittay Sandals perfectly work with most of the wardrobe, while a bold print scarf can help give your outfit that edgy feel.

The main goal is to have an item that is the ‘star ‘of your look, and the other pieces as just-as-vital supporting characters.

The most important part of any style guide is ensuring that you have fun and feel confident. Mix and match the above pieces and you will be Jamaica ready in no time.

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