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Planning A Caribbean Themed Brunch? Here Are Some Must-Have Appetizer Ideas

Considering the current state of the world, traveling to your favorite Caribbean chill spot might be a tad bit challenging. Fortunately, not all hope is lost.

One of the best ways to bring the Islands close and avoid going stir crazy stuck indoors is to host a themed brunch filled with all the culture of the Caribbean that we love so much.

Now, you may have been a seasoned host before the pandemic, but if you haven’t entertained in a while, your skills might currently be a bit rusty.

Well worry not, we have put together a list of snacks and appetizer ideas you can add to your brunch platter. These are bound to give you a feel of the Caribbean culture, wow your guests, and leave you looking like the perfect host.

AFIME Sweet Potato Scotchie Peppa Chips

The best way to kick off a brunch is by providing an array of appetizers. There are a variety of items you can set out as appetizers from bread, cheeses, fruit, and the classics like chips and crackers.

This time how about you change up the game by adding the AFIME Sweet potato scotchie Peppa chips to your platter.

Apart from giving you a surface on which to slather your dips and crunch away, these sweet potato chips will tickle your taste buds while being healthier than the regular potato crisps.

CariBelle Foods Lime and Mango Dip

It should be illegal to offer appetizers of any sort without an accompanying dip. The dip you choose largely depends on what you are serving and your guest’s preferences.

You can never go wrong with the amazing CariBelle Foods Lime and Mango Dip. The combination of sweet mango, tangy lime, and herbs will go beautifully with most appetizer options and is a perfect way to activate the taste buds before the main meal.

Peppatree® Green Peppa (great dipping sauce)

While still on the topic of amazing dips, let us not forget that some people love the burn of peppers.

To cater to your guests who may prefer a savory dip for their appetizer go for the Peppatree® Green Peppa dipping sauce. Made from green peppers and a blend of spices this sauce is bound to bring a kick of heat and flavor.

Make sure to alert your guests that although the sauce is green, the Jamaican peppers are bound to pack a spicy hot punch.

Reggaetawa Saltfish Pate

You cannot host a Caribbean-themed brunch without throwing in some salt fish. However, it might be challenging buying and preparing the entire meal in a few hours – that is where the Reggaetawa Saltfish Pate comes into play.

The pickled goodness is coal-roasted and seasoned and comes ready to eat. You can even keep an extra jar to eat with your crackers and wind down once your guests have gone back home.

Country Traders Chocolate Chocolate Rum Cake

A party is not a party until someone brings out some cake, and what better way to celebrate a Caribbean-themed party than by having some Country Traders Chocolate Rum Cake 4 oz. It serves as the best after-cocktails treat or chilly evening snack, alongside a warm cup of coffee.

Either way, the chocolate and rum flavors will pop.

Tortuga Rum Cake

It is virtually impossible to throw a party and find that all your guests like the same foods or deserts. Therefore, to make sure everyone’s taste buds are covered you might want to have the Tortuga Rum Cake on hand.

It contains walnuts and is glazed using oak barrel-aged rum. The flavor from this dessert is bound to leave your guests thinking you should open a patisserie.

RSS Cranberry Gizzada

To make sure that everyone is covered you need to have something sweet but healthy in your dessert spread. This can be covered by the RSS Cranberry Gizzada.

The sweet treat has cranberries, which are amazing for your body, and peanuts for that nice crunchy feel. To top it all off the cake is infused with spices and coconut flakes.

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