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4 Products to Add to Your Nighttime Routine for Better Sleep

It’s 2 a.m., and you can’t seem to drift to sleep. You may be battling the guilt of watching yet another Netflix episode, actively scrolling through TikTok, or your mental cogwheels are furiously spinning, seeking solutions to your emotional and financial worries.

the moment ‘adulting’ steps in, several stressors you never had become part of your life and sound, restful sleep slowly frolics out, leaving you tired and disoriented.

You’ve probably tried listening to some lullabies, taming your thoughts, or calming yourself with some meditation apps, but nothing seems to work right.

Well, don’t fret.

Below are some products you should add to your nighttime routine to promote better sleep.

Relaxing Herbal Teas

Chances are if you kept your mum up way past her bedtime, she fixed you a hot cup of tea. And 90% of the time, this worked.

Herbal teas have been a household favorite for centuries now, and they offer a slew of benefits. Lemon and peppermint teas help ease digestion, while cinnamon tea helps reduce cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar, and tames nighttime allergies.

Herbarn Teas Sleepy Tea, on the other hand, features a healthy blend of mild sedatives that offer stress relief and induce restful sleep.

Herbarn Teas Sleepy-tea (for sleep)

However, since you’re drinking it before bed, avoid putting in any sweeteners. The extra calories may sabotage your fitness goals, and the stimulating effect of sugar might end up keeping you up again.

Body-Soothing Bath Oils

There is nothing more satisfying than sinking into your tub at the end of a stressful day. The therapeutic ritual of scrubbing off your worries combined with a chilled glass of vino is a winning combination.

Even better, a steamy hot bath is the perfect pre-bed remedy if you’ve been struggling with insomnia. It helps release endorphins, which allow you to wallow in comfort, tranquility, and happiness.

Moreover, adding sleep-inducing ingredients like Roses Charcoal Lavender Rose Salt Soak to your bath water will make it even easier to drift to dreamland.

Follow the bath up with some nourishing Tayna Jamaican Coconut with Lavender Body Oil, and you’ll be thanking the sleep gods for giving you the best night of your life!

Therapeutic Aromatherapy Perfumes

Essential oils and aromatherapy perfumes date back to ancient times and have been named the best scents to help heal the mind, body, and soul. They help boost your mood, calm your anxieties, relieve migraines, and relax your mind and body, preparing you for restful sleep.

If you love the smell of fresh cookies baking in the oven, you know that scents greatly influence how you feel. When you smell something, the olfactory nerves send signals to the limbic system and amygdala, the part of the brain responsible for mood.

That’s why no matter how much of a disaster your day was, scents like lavender, peppermint, and Patchouli Who? Lullabye Aromatherapy Perfume are bound to make you feel calmer and lull you to sleep.

Sleep-Inducing Candles

When it comes to inducing sleep, don’t underestimate the importance of filling your space with a decadent fragrance and recreating a spa-like feel with a hypnotic blend of essential oils and aromatherapy candles.

Scents like chamomile, sandalwood, and the Laura Alexis 11oz Sekkle Dung Lavender Candle combat all your anxieties and help you achieve an unbelievable snooze. It is worth noting that a study found that inhaling lavender evoked relaxing vibes in several participants.

So, simply put, you cannot go wrong with a simple aromatherapy candle!

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